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Waterhouse Dub

VP Records

cd + poster

Released: 11th Aug 2017



Released: 11th Aug 2017


these dub sessions prove that the legendary producer & dubmaster still kicks it like no one else can in 2017.

this Package includes a fold out-poster illustrated with a map of the Waterhouse section in Kingston, Jamaica where Jammy's recording studio and label is based. Returning to the ring with this new slab of megaton dub, King Jammy, the undisputed heavyweight champion of drum and bass draws for a crucial selection of his toughest rub-a-dub specials to deliver 15 mind-destroying dub knock-outs.


Waterhouse Dub


  1. Lethal Dub
  2. Revenge Attack
  3. Captivity Dub
  4. Kingdom Of Jah
  5. Holy Mount Zion Dub
  6. Super Power Dub
  7. Village Dub
  8. Experience Dub
  9. Jammys A Shine
  10. Dub For Dave Hendley