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bonnie "prince" billy

Leonard / Carolyn


limited 7"

Released: 21st Jul 2017


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our bonnie prince gives us his take on 2 stunning tunes by tommy Collins, featuring intricate fingerpicking & vivid storytelling.

Tommy Collins was the stage name for Leonard Sipes, whose presence on the Bakersfield scene & in the country charts during the 1950s was no doubt a major inspiration for Merle Haggard. "Carolyn" tells the tale of Tommy's rise & fall & rise again in deft images; a plain-spoke & loving tribute to a hero of Merle's. Tommy contributed songs to Merle's songbook often in the early days. On "Leonard", Bonnie & the band (Van Campbell, Nuala Kennedy, Danny Kiley) are joined by Matt Sweeney who sings along & fingerpicks an acoustic in a fond tribute to Merle & Tommy & all the old boys. the b-side, "Carolyn",  is an outtake from bpb’s ‘Ease Down the Road’ recording.


Leonard / Carolyn


  1. Leonard / Carolyn