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James Holden & The Animal Spirits

The Animal Spirits

Border Community


Released: 3rd Nov 2017


heavyweight 2lp + download

Released: 3rd Nov 2017


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Holden assembles a band and sees his compositional flair flourish outwards into bold and colourful new realms where spiritual jazz, folktronica, and kosmische krautrock dance together.

An incredible follow-up to electronic masterstroke ‘the inheritors’, the collective go about injecting rapturous energy into Holden’s rhythmically-focussed tracks. They send us to a kind-of fluid, tropical musical paradise where Caribou’s ‘Up in Flames’ and four tet’s ‘everything ecstatic’ have merged into something bigger. Sublime hippy magic born of the dancefloor but with the roof blown wide open. the most organic, lively-sounding music Holden’s ever released” – pitchfork, “Even if you don’t believe in animals spirits, you can appreciate the alchemy of this album’s creation and its impressive dedication to spinning your brain just slightly off its axis” 8/10 - uncut

The Animal Spirits


  1. Incantation For Inanimate Object
  2. Spinning Dance
  3. Pass Through The Fire
  4. Each Moment Like The First
  5. The Beginning & End Of The World
  6. Thunder Moon Gathering
  7. The Animal Spirits
  8. The Neverending
  9. Go Gladly Into The Earth