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alessandro cortini


The Point of Departure Recording Company

2lp + download

Released: 6th Oct 2017


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soundtracking his grandfather’s own home videos, The album’s tracks evoke a strong feeling of nostalgia through the warmth of their instrumentation and samples from Cortini’s grandfather’s archive, which bookend each track.

Take opener ‘Iniziare’ which, with its undercurrent of bass and swelling string-like motifs, is like a sepia-tinged photograph brought to life – at once elegiac and uplifting. Or the wistful ‘Nonfare’ that, with its fuzzy, organ-like tones veiled by noise, sounds like a faded memory. While on ‘Vincere’, the lush layering of effervescent melodies with choral harmonies paints a picture of a carefree, sunlit scene from childhood, now painfully out of our reach. if you like emptyset, pye corner audio or ben frost, you must check this out!




  1. Iniziare
  2. Perdonare
  3. Aspettare
  4. Non Fare
  5. Vincere
  6. Perdere
  7. Finire