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hollow hand

end of everything

talk show

signed limited (250 only) blue 7"

Released: 22nd Sep 2017


their diy psych folk introspection gently bruises the heart across these two tracks, quietly haunting in their honesty.

As featured on BBC 6’s ‘Headphones Moment’, Hollow Hand's new single "End of Everything" has been spotlighted as a striking return to old school musicianship and a much needed revisitation to the cosy authenticity of his forbearers on UK airwaves. Taken from their forthcoming LP, "End of Everything" blends seamlessly into a musical backdrop of 60's and 70's groups like Matthews' Southern Comfort, Pentangle, and Grateful Dead but don't be fooled. Tucked away up Hollow Hand's sleeve are a pack of wild cards shuffled in homage to Curtis Mayfield, vintage soul music and modern day RnB legend D’Angelo. if you like laish, magic trick, or seamus fogarty, this will delight you!


end of everything


  1. End Of Everything
  2. Later You’ll Know