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Faten Kanaan

Pleiade Hex 6

polytechnic youth

limited (400 only) lp

Released: 15th Sep 2017


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two albums and a split 7” with pye corner audio and we’re completely sold on faten Kanaan – her gorgeous, cyclical instrumental works are part reich, part ambient four tet and completely stunning.

The new album builds on the momentum she’s made for herself, and comprises, in Faten’s own words: “Several -mostly instrumental- 'suites' that are narrative in nature. Cyclical patterns are central to the compositions: exploring harmony and counterpoint as they ebb & are reincarnated, and the perpetual return to the heart/core. Through the circling patterns, the album honours the return to the youthful spirit: of embracing naive romanticism, gut feelings, and strength of vision. Loosely inspired by medieval canons/rounds and Baroque structures, the album hovers between ambient electronic experimentations and semi-classical traditions. Relying mostly on a single analogue synthesizer, each section either sets a scene or plays a character - whether it's dancing across a stage, running through a forest, emerging from underwater, or languidly drifting through portals”.

Pleiade Hex 6