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Gay Feet: Expanded Edition

Doctor Bird


Released: 13th Oct 2017


comprising some of the most delightful ska, jump-up and R&B sides of the period, this deluxe version includes the original dozen tracks bolstered by a further twelve mid-1960s recordings from Sonia Pottinger’s legendary catalogue.

With much of the music appearing on CD for the first time, this long overdue release is a ska collector’s dream! Sonia Pottinger launched what would become one of the most successful record companies in Jamaican music history: Gay Feet. An early indication of its long-term success was the enormous popularity of its inaugural release, ‘Every Night’ by singing duo, Joe White & Chuck, which topped the local charts throughout the latter half of the year. Over the months that immediately followed, further 7” singles on Pottinger's newly created imprint peppered the national listings, with their success prompting the release of aptly titled ‘Gay Feet’ LP early in 1966.


Gay Feet: Expanded Edition


  1. EVERY NIGHT – Joe White & Chuck
  2. 1ST SESSION – Baba Brooks
  3. BY THE SEA – The Saints
  4. MOSQUITO JUMP UP – Baba Brooks
  5. HOLD YOUR HEAD IN FRONT – Joe White & Chuck
  6. BUGLE BOY – Baba Brooks
  7. FABERGE – Baba Brooks
  8. HEARTACHES – The Techniques
  9. WHAT MUST I SAY – Claudelle Clarke
  10. PRETTY BOY – Baba Brooks
  11. WHAT LOVE CAN DO – The Techniques
  12. KI SALABOCA – Baba Brooks
  13. THE SCRATCH – Granville Williams
  14. LOLLIPOP TONIGHT – Ken Boothe & Roy Shirley
  15. COCKTAILS FOR TWO – Sammy Ismay
  16. KING SIZE – Baba Brooks
  17. ONE NATION – Joe White & Chuck
  18. LAVENDER BLUE (BLUES) – Baba Brooks
  19. OPEN THE DOOR – Baba Brooks
  20. BROWN EYES – The Saints
  21. MAUREEN – Roy Richards
  22. THE JERK - Granville Williams
  23. MUSICAL SERMON - Baba Broo