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Feast Of Wire (20th Anniversary deluxe Edition)

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In early 2003, Calexico released their seminal album ‘Feast of Wire’, the album that truly marked the duo’s critical and commercial breakthrou...
The Thread That Keeps Us
  1. End of the World with You
  2. Voices in the Field
  3. Bridge to Nowhere
  4. Spinball
  5. Under the Wheels
  6. The Town & Miss Lorraine
  7. Flores y Tamales
  8. Another Space
  9. Unconditional Waltz
  10. Girl in the Forest
  11. Eyes Wide Awake
  12. Dead in the Water
  13. Shortboard
  14. Thrown to the Wild
  15. Music Box Tracklist

Limited deluxe 2LP / 2cd

  1. Longboard
  2. Luna Roja
  3. Curse of the Ride
  4. Inside the Energy Field
  5. Lost Inside
  6. End of the Night
  7. Dream on Mount Tam


The Thread That Keeps Us

  • CD

    Released: 26th Jan 2018


The ninth studio album from the Arizonans acts as a family portrait capturing their stylistic variety and unpredictability while still finding solace in limitless creativity.

leaving aside their tex-mex tendencies this time, this record is imbued with the spectre of the state of California as both dream state and nightmare. With less polish and more grit than ever before, this one manages to set a whole new standard for a storied American act. “The intimacy and evocative atmosphere of previous releases has been retained, but there’s a fresh, barnstorming spirit… may be the album that finally hoists this most undervalued of American bands to their rightful place alongside the likes of R.E.M. and Wilco” 10/10 - independent