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Released: 1st Dec 2017



Released: 1st Dec 2017


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Wilco continues to make excellent records and play shows that stir the soul, but the group invented the terrain it continues to explore more than 20 years ago with its first two albums – A.

M. (1995) and Being There (1996). Wilco revisit these landmark albums with remastered versions of the originals expanded with rare and unreleased music that will be new to even the most dedicated fans. the ‘Being There’ Deluxe Edition builds on the original album with loads of never-before-heard songs, alternate takes and live performances available as a five-CD collection. Wilco maintained the gravitas of roots music it established on ‘A.M.’ creating the 21st century version of folk music it later perfected on records like ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ and ‘The Whole Love’. ‘Being There’ mixes happy-go-lucky rockers and ballads, with two signature songs from the Wilco canon – “Misunderstood” and “Sunken Treasure.” This album includes 15 bonus tracks released for the first time, including alternate versions of tracks “I Got You” and “Say You Miss Me”, as well as Wilco’s 20-song performance at the Troubadour from November 12, 1996, combining songs from A.M. and a few Uncle Tupelo tracks. Also included are four songs the band played on radio station KCRW on November 13, 1996.




  1. Misunderstood
  2. Far, Far Away
  3. Monday
  4. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
  5. Forget The Flowers
  6. Red-Eyed And Blue
  7. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
  8. What’s The World Got In Store”
  9. Hotel Arizona
  10. Say You Miss Me


  1. Sunken Treasure
  2. Someday Soon
  3. Outta Mind (Outta Sight)
  4. Someone Else’s Song
  5. Kingpin
  6. (Was I) In Your Dreams
  7. Why Would You Wanna Live
  8. The Lonely 1
  9. Dreamer In My Dreams


  1. Late Blooming Son
  2. I Got You – Dobro Mix Warzone
  3. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – Alternate
  4. Far Far Away (Dark Side Of The Room)
  5. Dynamite My Soul
  6. Losing Interest
  7. Why Would You Wanna Live – Alternate
  8. Sun’s A Star
  9. Capitol City
  10. Better When I’m Gone
  11. Dreamer In My Dreams – Alternate Rough Take
  12. Say You Miss Me – Alternate
  13. I Got You – Alternate
  14. Monday – Party Horn Version
  15. I Can’t Keep From Talking

CD4: Live At The Troubadour 11/12/96 (Part One)

  1. Sunken Treasure
  2. Red-Eyed And Blue
  3. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
  4. Someone Else’s Song
  5. Someday Soon
  6. Forget The Flowers
  7. New Madrid
  8. I Must Be High
  9. Passenger Side – Punk Version
  10. Passenger Side
  11. Hotel Arizona
  12. Monday
  13. Say You Miss Me

CD5: Live At The Troubadour 11/12/96 (Part Two)

  1. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
  2. The Long Cut
  3. Kingpin
  4. Misunderstood
  5. Far, Far Away
  6. Give Back The Key To My Heart
  7. Gun

Live On KCRW 11/13/96

  1. Sunken Treasure
  2. Red-Eyed And Blue
  3. Far, Far Away
  4. Will You Love Me Tomorrow