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thee mvps


too pure singles club


Released: 24th Nov 2017


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2 rousing garage rock bangers that crunch up our problems into tight, upbeat riffs & make them seem much more manageable - we’re very much on board.

'SESH' is a 3 minute stomper of low-tuned riffs set against some weezer-style vocals, which addresses the issue of the 'session'. A song about dealing with your lot as a millenial & using the drink just a tad too much to see you through the week, it's the Thursday morning rush of the guilts' soundtrack you brought on yourself for already having two benders this week. The flip 'Fossor' means Gravedigger in latin & compares the very real struggle of getting out of bed to do something you should have quit a long time ago to the completely harrowing idea of being buried alive, except you've been buried alive 5 days a week for as long as you can remember.