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LP + download

Released: 1st Dec 2017


a pomo pop mash-up of pathos fed through a polyphony of influences, will wiesenfeld’s third lp occupies the same territory as Sufjan steven’s  technicolour ‘age of adz’, the postal service’s electro pop, and why?’s backpack geekhop.

something of a step into the light for baths, ‘romaplasm’ is optimistic, accessible, and infectious. still with production of the most ear-grabbing audacity, this is a dose of the freshest pop around. “’Romaplasm’ is an album tailor made for the repeat button, compulsively listenable without being exhausting. Wiesenfeld has managed to make a party record without the hangover, one that’s just as exhilarating as a geeky pleasure — and just as much begging to be shared” 9/10 – northern transmissions


  1. Yeoman
  2. Extrasolar
  3. Abscond
  4. Human Bog
  5. Adam Copies
  6. Lev
  7. I Form
  8. Out
  9. Superstructure
  10. Wilt
  11. Coitus
  12. Broadback