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The Invisible Man: An Orchestral Tribute To Dr. Dre

tru thoughts

2LP + download

Released: 17th Nov 2017


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the multi -instrumentalist & producer delivers something really special with this one: a jazzy, funky, soulful reinterpretation of the doctor’s finest classics.

The album comes from a place of collaboration & pioneers an openness to improvisation & experimentation, resulting in a collection of visionary jazz cross-over tributes to Dr. Dre’s work. A significant marker of the collaborative process can be heard in the many link-ups & vocal features which hit home throughout the record; from Will “Quantic” Holland (‘The Edge’) & Marc de Clive-Lowe (‘Drelude for Woo’) to Jimett a Rose (‘Let Me Ride’) & Melissa McMillan (‘I’d Rather Be With You’), each significantly contributing to the album’s rhythmic & melodic flair. “I’m here to show some support & give the same amount of love that this incredible band has given to me. You sound amazing.” - DR. DRE.

The Invisible Man: An Orchestral Tribute To Dr. Dre


  1. Shiznit feat. Jesse Fischer
  2. California love Feat. Cory Henry
  3. Drelude For woo Feat. Mark De Clive Lowe
  4. Forgot About dre
  5. Interlude #2 feat. Zach Brock
  6. No Diggity feat. Sydney Driver
  7. The Jam Feat. matt hias Pedals Loescher
  8. Who Am I Feat. paul Wilson
  9. The Jam Part ii Feat. Paul Wilson
  10. I’d Rather Be with You Feat. Melissa Mcmillan
  11. Curti s Feat. patrick Bailey
  12. Sti ll D.R.E.
  13. The Jam Part iii
  14. My Name Is feat. Robert SputN Searight
  15. Interlude #3 feat. Dj Center
  16. Guilty conscience
  17. Interlude #4
  18. Nuthin’ But A G Thang Feat. Brad Allen Williams
  19. Interlude #5
  20. Let Me Ride feat. Jimett a Rose (Radio Edit)
  21. The Edge Feat. quantic
  22. Next Episode
  23. Peace