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Domino Records


Released: 2nd Feb 2018


180g lp + download

Released: 2nd Feb 2018


messing with our heads in the best possible way, the Leeds band's 3rd full-length marks anything but a "micro" shift - this is a seismic shift in their sound, dynamic, songwriting & production - but one that seriously kicks ass & delivers a euphoric catharsis.

With all the ferocious energy, intricate musicianship & bruised but beautiful song-craft of the previous releases, the album is formed out of loops, modular synthesizer sequences, drum machines & homemade samples, which were jammed around & layered until the songs began to emerge. Coming out of the blocks with 'Negative Space', a spectacular Arcade Fire-esque builder that tells us MJ & co are ready to go for it in a big way this time, this is a radiant & immersive record, teeming with light but still heavy & forceful. Mining the legacy of Brit-Pop, with a bubbling Spiritualized & Primal Scream undercurrent, it's all rooted with that reliable motorik beat throughout. A tour de force for fans of everyone from LCD Soundsystem to Neu! to Supergrass.   




  1. Negative Space
  2. Static Resistance
  3. Ullswater
  4. The Soft Season
  5. Opener
  6. Each Time We Pass
  7. Boxing Day
  8. Reunion
  9. Shortcomings