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Released: 23rd Feb 2018


lp + download

Released: 23rd Feb 2018


Whereas their debut was anchored in the meditative Desert Blues tradition, ‘Temet’ eclipses such notions, finding bounce and drive by stirring their sound with funk, fuzz, disco and rock.

‘Temet’ is a huge leap forward in production, as well as creatively for Imarhan. their experience as a touring band has reinforced the focus and meaning behind their music. on this record, they’ve firmly established themselves as a band to reckon with. they’ve focused this release on their inherent strength of songwriting, using the eternal bonds in their community, families and friendships as a blueprint not only for an amazing standalone album, but as a reference for generations to come. if you like goat, tinariwen or tamikrest, this is an essential addition to your collection. “southern Algerian sextet deliver sparkling second” 8/10 – uncut.



  1. Azzaman
  2. Tamudre
  3. Ehad wa dagh
  4. Alwa
  5. Imuhagh
  6. Tumast
  7. Tarha Nam
  8. Tochal
  9. Zinizjumegh
  10. Ma S-Abok

    *while stocks last

    1. Noga Erez - Off The Radar
    2. Sir Was - In The Midst
    3. Son Lux - Dream State
    4. Bayonne - Dream State
    5. EMA - Down And Out
    6. Broken Social Scene - Halfway Home
    7. Sinkane - Favourite Song
    8. Calexico - Under The Wheels
    9. Cristobal And The Sea - Uma Voz
    10. Imarhan - Ehad Wa Dagh
    11. Liima - 1982
    12. Roosevelt - Teardrops
    13. Jakuzi - Koca Bir Sacmalik
    14. Timber Timbre - Western Questions
    15. Grandbrothers - Bloodflow
    16. Hauschka - Constant Growth Fails
    17. Anna Von Hausswolff - The Mysterious Vanishing Of Electra
    18. Lambchop - The Hustle Unlimited