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Released: 1st Dec 2017



Released: 1st Dec 2017


opening with charismatic, carpenter-esque sheets of synth, the pulse of this transportive record slows down to a swirling, cosmic stasis where time shrinks and perspective yawns wide open.

“I wanted to break all structure, to see if all form can be destroyed.” Says K‐X‐P frontman, Timo Kaukolampi, of his debut solo album. A desire to deconstruct convention is not a new thing for Kaukolampi, given that the Finnish band have been blurring the lines between techno, krautrock, space rock and experimental electronica for the last decade and forging an idiosyncratic and unique sound truly of their own. recommended if you like tangerine dream or tale of us. 



  1. The Prodigal Son of Magnesia
  2. Three Legged Giant Centipede
  3. Epiphyte (Requiem for Mika)
  4. The Bottomless Well of Forgotten Secrets
  5. Public Execution of the Sleeping Lotus Eater