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The Orielles

The Goyt Method

limited 12" EP - £23.99 | Buy
The Orielles on The Goyt Method: "Our concept for The Goyt Method was birthed from our interest in cybernetics, improvisation and experimental electronic m...
The Orielles

Disco Volador

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Whilst the future of the world and its current cosmic wasteland might be up in the air, the orielles’ new album has its feet beating out a much-needed fou...
Silver Dollar Moment
  1. Mango
  2. Old Stuff New Stuff
  3. Sunflower Seeds
  4. Let Your Dog Tooth Grow
  5. Liminal Spaces
  6. The Sound of Liminal Spaces (edit)
  7. I Only Bought It For The Bottle
  8. Henry’s Pocket
  9. 48 Percent
  10. Borrachero Tree
  11. Snaps
  12. Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist)

The Orielles

Silver Dollar Moment

  • LP + download

    Released: 28th Jun 2018

  • cd

    Released: 16th Feb 2018

  • limited blue lp + download

    Released: 16th Feb 2018

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From the first jangling sunshine chords on its opening track, this record declares itself to be a proper piece of indie pop goodness.

Then, across 45 minutes, it takes all kinds of turns, into ESG-ish yips and funk, dreamy-arch harmonies, disco synth-pows and stoner bongos, unsettling submerged voices - with all that and more it still flows like a fountain of indie pop, fresh and catchy and altogether. if you’re a fan of girl ray, alvvays or weaves, you’ll love this. “The band runs us through a range of styles, playing all with equal aplomb, from throwback shimmery pop and funk of the late sixties and seventies to more modern dreamy noise pop with some jazzy flourishes thrown in for good measure” 9/10 – soundblab.