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Go Dig My Grave

susanna sonata


Released: 9th Feb 2018


lp + cd

Released: 9th Feb 2018


since hearing bonnie prince billy’s magical interpretation of ‘sonata mix dwarf cosmos’ we were truly hungry for this, her 12th album, blends baroque instrumentation with characterful vocal interpretations filled with vivid feeling and depth.

Add some Henry Purcell, some Lou Reed, and Susanna’s own composition, and the unique complexity of her artistry is evident: this is a profoundly personal collection of dark songs with deep roots through centuries of American and European musical heritage. An unnerving combination of existential despair and musical beauty, it presents a selection of songs straddling issues of lost love, abandonment – and a merciless thirst for liquor. The album is strongly focused upon Susanna’s voice and personal expression, bringing to mind sometimes her older sisters in folk, Joni Mitchell and carole king and, more recently, laura marling and joan shelley.

Go Dig My Grave