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Insecure Men

Insecure Men

Fat Possum


Released: 23rd Feb 2018



Released: 23rd Feb 2018


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limited indies-only yellow lp

Released: 6th Apr 2018


led by the The Fat White Family's fiercely talented songwriter & musician Saul Adamczewski & his schoolmate & stabilising influence, Ben Romans-Hopcraft, these apparently self-effacing males explore a more mellow musical terrain than Saul's other band.

Whereas the Fat Whites celebrate excess, Insecure Men revel in blending together exotica, easy listening, lounge & timeless pop music. Saul lists some of the influences on their sound, mentioning the exotica of Arthur Lyman, the early electronic pop of Perrey & Kingsley, the supreme smoothness of The Carpenters, the songwriting chops of Harry Nilsson & the hypnagogic uncanniness conjured up by David Lynch, describing what they do as “pretty music with a dark underbelly to it”. It's a tremendous record that'll drag you back repeatedly, feeding your dark soul. 

Insecure Men


  1. Subaru Nights
  2. Teenage Toy
  3. All Women Love Me
  4. Mekong Glitter
  5. Heathrow
  6. I Don't Wanna Dance (With My Baby)
  7. The Saddest Man in Penge
  8. Ulster
  9. Cliff Has Left The Building
  10. Whitney Houston and I
  11. Buried in the Bleak