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Kyle Craft

Full Circle Nightmare

Sub Pop Records


Released: 2nd Feb 2018


Indies-only 'loser edition' purple lp + 7" + download

Released: 2nd Feb 2018


this red-blooded, all-American album incorporates almost everything that has made his country’s music scene great, from country Americana, to soul, to straight-up rock and roll, and each song etches itself indelibly into the memory.

Sonically, thematically, lyrically, it’s a huge leap forward from his 2016 release. it traverses all the different nuances of the genre; from the bluegrass twang of ‘Exile Rag’ to the gothic style of ‘Gold Calf Moan’, it’s a timeless piece that could exist in any of the past five decades. Craft sports a voice with the phrasing of ryan adams and the attack of Brandon flowers, whilst the music has a hook-laced quality akin to ezra furman, or alex Cameron, or the innovative bombast of the late, great david bowie. “a rollicking, densely arranged rock ‘n’ roll and country originals album with something of jack white’s crazed vocal delivery” – mojo.

Full Circle Nightmare


  1. Fever Dream Girl
  2. Full Circle Nightmare
  3. Heartbreak Junky
  4. The Rager
  5. Exile Rag
  6. Belmont (One Trick Pony)
  7. Slick & Delta Queen
  8. Fake Magic Angel
  9. Bridge City Rose
  10. Gold Calf Moan