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Hama Sankare

Ballebe: Calling All Africans



Released: 2nd Mar 2018


LP + download

Released: 2nd Mar 2018


whilst always remaining true to his native desert blues origins, the legendary percussionist looked to expand that sound through electronic experimentation and the results are truly otherworldly.

He has anchored the bands of many great artists of Mali, including Ali Farka Toure, l'Orchestre de Gao and Songhoy Allstars, and he can be heard on many of the seminal recordings of Mali's music. He is the master of contemporary calabash percussion and has defined its playing style. this is the very first album in his own name! A musical adventurer, Hama explores sounds and is constantly expanding his repertoire. To explore contemporary electronic sounds, Hama asked David Harrow in Los Angeles to mix two of the songs, pushing genre boundaries. this is a must for fans of tinariwen, imarhan and tamikrest.

Ballebe: Calling All Africans