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We Are Scientists




Released: 27th Apr 2018


lp + download

Released: 27th Apr 2018


after 6 albums these disciples to charming power-pop can be called ‘survivors’ – not that you can tell from listening to their fresh new flip on their sound, full of immediate 80’s synth-pop vibrancy.

these are ten brand new splashes of colourful and utterly addictive pop that serve as a welcome distraction to these bleak times we live in. in their words, “We want it to be taut, to bang hard, to have a big hook every four seconds or so”. there can be few more noble aims or ambitions harder to achieve, but these dudes live up to it. RIYL PHOENIX, Maccabees, cribs, and bloc party. “for new listeners, ‘Megaplex’ is the perfect introduction to one of the band's most notable releases to date” 7/10 - EXCLAIM



  1. One In, One Out
  2. Notes In A Bottle
  3. Heart Is A Weapon
  4. Your Light Has Changed
  5. KIT
  6. No Wait At Five Leaves
  7. Not Another Word
  8. Now Or Never
  9. You Failed
  10. Properties Of Perception