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speedy ortiz

Twerp Verse



Released: 27th Apr 2018


super limited pink rainbow splatter lp + 7" + download

Released: 27th Apr 2018


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irresistible grunge-pop counterpointing gnarled riffs with Sadie dupuis’ conversational, poetic style and sweet vocal athletics; an essential expansion on the ideas of rilo Kiley and sleater-kinney, to our ears.

this - their 3rd record - is urgent and taut, adding surprising textures like Linn drums and whirled guitar processing to their off-kilter hooks. Dupuis, whose electropop solo project Sad13 debuted in 2016 shortly after her own move to Philadelphia, has become more instinctive in her songwriting—her home-recorded demos mirror ‘Twerp Verse’'s songs in a closer way than any other Speedy record—while her lyrics have become more pointedly witty. Even when Dupuis sings of alienation and political weariness, the pop maelstrom swirling around her provides a defiantly charged, mussed-but-hooky optimism. "Speedy Ortiz no longer sound like they're working through their influences; they simply sound like Speedy Ortiz" 9/10 - pop matters

Twerp Verse


  1. Buck Me Off
  2. Lean In When I Suffer
  3. Lucky 88
  4. Can I Kiss You?
  5. Backslidin'
  6. Villain
  7. I'm Blessed
  8. Sport Death
  9. Alone With The Girls
  10. Moving In
  11. You Hate The Title
  12. le mans (bonus 7" only)
  13. saint fret (bonus 7" only)