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Live at the Crocodile Café Seattle (RSD18)


record store day exclusive 2018 - opaque green LP

Released: 21st Apr 2018


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QUICK side: Studio recordings from sessions at two different studios, Jupiter Studios with Martin Feveryear and Zachary Landsdowne at Electric Eel, both in Seattle in 1999. These songs were never before released until now. This is the last incarnation of the band, a three piece consisting of original members Tad Doyle and Kurt Danielson with addition of new drummer Mike Mongrain. The songs are yet another distinctive direction that the band blazed into.  “QUICK” showcases songwriting that raised the bar musically and lyrically with increasing depth and meaning, yet unmistakably TAD in character, delivery and punch. DIRTY side: Live at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle 1995. After the departure of guitarist Gary Thorstensen and the release of Infrared Riding Hood, Tad, Kurt and drummer Josh Sinder are chronicled as a three piece that brought forth a powerfully dense sound and feel.  The live set was an aggregation of the band's career up to the point in time of this 16 track to tape recording. This recording will leave you with a sense of the substantially massive sonic foot-print the band left in its wake that still ripples and quakes the core of heavy music today. It is important to note the contributions of both Thorstensen and early drummer Steve Wied, who were a part of the TAD legacy in some of the songs represented here.TRACKLISTING:1 Mummified Cop2 Let's Go For A Ride3 Corbomite Maneuver4 Polyestesia5 Signs - Amnesomnia6 Soteria7 Tool Marks8 Behemoth9 Paragoric10 Delinquent11 Jinx

Live at the Crocodile Café Seattle  (RSD18)