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Snow Patrol

Songs for Polarbears (25th Anniversary Edition)

limited "arctic pearl" white lp + exclusive art print - £25.99 | Buy
The debut album by Snow Patrol was written and recorded by the three original members: Gary Lightbody, Mark McClelland and Jonny Quinn and also features members...
Snow Patrol

Final Straw (20th Anniversary Edition)

limited gold 2lp w/ bonus tracks - £34.99 | Buy
2cd w/ bonus tracks - £15.99 | Buy
Bulked out with rarities, demos, and live versions, this iteration of Snow Patrol's 'Final Straw' is the final word on the matter! celebrating the 2...
Snow Patrol


2lp + download - £17.99 | Buy
Over a 25 year career, Snow Patrol have carved out a unique place for themselves - 'Reworked' includes three newly-recorded songs, as well as 13 re-envi...
Snow Patrol

Eyes Open ()

2lp - £37.99 £19.99 | Buy
  1. Life On Earth
  2. Don’t Give In
  3. Heal Me
  4. Empress
  5. A Dark Switch
  6. What If This Is All The Love?
  7. A Youth Written In Fire
  8. Soon
  9. Wild Horses
  10. Life And Death

Snow Patrol


  • 180g lp + DOWNLOAD

    Released: 25th May 2018

    £25.99 £16.99

their first album in seven years finds gary lightbody translate deep introspection into viscerally emotive songwriting.

The songs are surefooted, displaying a newfound sense of self and purpose, and the rest of the band members rise magnificently to the occasion. “What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?” is a heartstring-puller, posing the question nobody wants to ask. The last track, “Life and Death,” is a rumination, and a human story of love and forgiveness— mostly self-forgiveness for Lightbody, demonstrating that perhaps everyone ought to take this long between albums to reflect long and hard before they write. fans of elbow, coldplay and keane will be well into this.