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Field Division

Dark Matter Dreams

bella union


Released: 22nd Jun 2018


silver lp + download

Released: 22nd Jun 2018


tingle-inducing americana pop to warm your days and calm your nights – these two weaves rich melodies that we could listen to for hours at a time without getting bored.

Four years on from the sumptuous dream-folk of their debut EP, ‘Reverie State’, the Des Moines duo flex all their lung-power on their first full-length. Written on the road, where the duo has been living even when not touring, it’s a sweeping album with rock vigour and the spark of deeply held convictions, nurtured in the face of widespread modern disillusionment. Vintage influences include Buckingham, Nicks, Led Zeppelin, All Things Must Pass, The Beatles, and the 1960s/1970s Laurel Canyon scene, but make no mistake: this is an album that lives and breathes for today. Fans of Fleetwood mac, mt. wolf and wilsen will adore this.

Dark Matter Dreams


  1. River In Reverse
  2. Big Sur, Golden Hour
  3. Farthest Moon
  4. Lately
  5. Innisfree (Lets Be The Peace Now)
  6. Siddhartha
  7. Stay
  8. Lay Cursed
  9. It's Gonna Be Alright
  10. Dark Matter Dreams
  11. This Is How Your Love Destroys Me