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julian cope

Skellington 3

Head Heritage Records


Released: 1st Jun 2018


2018 sees cope resuscitate his long dormant Skellington project with 12 songs - each captured in that loose, quick-fire Skellington style: bucolic ditties, muscular adventures, moderne interactions, tipsy interludes, even classy rock’n’roll of the post-punk persuasion.

So what makes SKELLINGTON 3 a worthy successor to those previously released? Everything! Cope has utilised the considerable experience gained from constructing those previous albums, and has harnessed the studio time with the skill of a micro-manager! now, he daubs his luscious Mellotron 400 over everything – a little addition that was unavailable to him Back In The Day. So it’s ‘Acid Campfire’ with Mellotron; Occasionally humorous, never timorous, ALWAYS sumptuous! “here you get the acid-drop sunshine, stream-of-consciousness cope, uncut: solo, alone, and unfazed” 8/10 – uncut.

Skellington 3


  1. Times Change
  2. At the Start of a Season
  3. Stop Harping on About the Way Life Used to Be
  4. Magic Fortune-Telling Machine
  5. It’s Not Your Life (So Do What We Want)
  6. Parallel University
  7. That Don’t Make a Revolution
  8. Very Krishna
  9. Seel Street Waltz
  10. Slave to Rock’n’roll
  11. Catch Your Dreams Before They Slip Away
  12. A Flick of the ‘V’s