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Fast Soul Music 2



Released: 25th May 2018


the second edition of ‘Fast Soul Music’ is bigger, better and more soulful than ever; a mammoth 52 track album stacked to the brim with OG Hospital classics, and some of the finest cutting edge Drum & Bass soul from some of the very best the game has to offer.

Dose up on bangers from Hospital veterans High Contrast, Nu:Tone & Logistics complemented by the surgical prowess from newer favourites such as S.P.Y, Fred V & Graphix, Whiney, Keeno & many more. all bring their own unique flair that we’ve come to know and love. Immerse yourself in endless amounts of soul and daydream the day away by owning this slice of history.

Fast Soul Music 2


  1. Light It Up
  2. Change
  3. Natural Desire
  4. Chord Time
  5. Angels Sing
  6. Maverick Souls (Dan Dakota Remix)
  7. Citadels
  8. We’re Nothing Without Love feat. S.P.Y (Ivy Lab Remix)
  9. Absolute
  10. Wish You Were Here feat. Selah Corbin (S.P.Y Remix)
  11. Last Kiss
  12. Prime Expansion
  13. Tape Loops (feat. Hugh Hardie)
  14. First Step
  15. Nocturne (Frederic Robinson Remix)
  16. Full Intention
  17. Colour The Past (feat. Karina Ramage)
  18. Just One Second (Apex Remix)
  19. Daylight Creeps In
  20. Velvet Glove
  21. Everlasting Days (feat. Lifford)
  22. Change
  23. Inner Secret
  24. Changes (Calibre Remix)
  25. Mellow (feat. Terri Pace)
  26. Tides (feat. Lea Lea)
  27. In The Area (feat. Lifford)
  28. As Sure As Sunrise (feat. Hugh Hardie)
  29. Tenderless feat. Emer Dineen (Whiney Remix)
  30. Stay Here
  31. Poly
  32. You
  33. Broken (feat. Kyan)
  34. Move On
  35. Black Notes (feat. Daniel Baeder)
  36. Seek & Expand (feat. Whiney)
  37. 3D Glasses
  38. Powder Coated (feat. London Elektricity)
  39. Vapour Trails (LSB Remix)
  40. Samphire
  41. Strange Encounter (feat. Natalie Williams)
  42. Don’t Forget
  43. No Hurry Time
  44. Everything Was Nothing (feat. Benji Clements)
  45. Souvenirs (feat. Zara Kershaw)
  46. Brown Shoes
  47. Unfolding (feat. Laurelle Robichaud)
  48. Drop Ship
  49. The Night Is Still Young (feat. Blake)
  50. Learn From The Past (feat. Victor Davies)
  51. Etchings On A Glass Heart (feat. Alice Gasson)
  52. Inside My Head (feat. Hannah Eve)