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Soundtracks For The Blind (2018 REISSUE)



Released: 3rd Aug 2018


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the end of the beginning for swans mark 1 was a beautiful, living and breathing album of suitably epic proportions – reissued in lush fashion for your reappraisal.

A dreamlike album, it collects a wealth of swans modes into something remarkably whole and consuming. This is them at their most filmic – and perhaps least intense in terms of volume – showcasing astounding musicians able to create worlds for you to live inside. As such it may just surprise those who otherwise find their intensity off-putting – this is like the best post-rock album you’ve ever heard, but with art and grit in its seams. “when they decided to end Swans with one last studio release as a prelude to a farewell tour, they did so with what turned out to be their biggest and best album ever” 9/10 - allmusic

***'Soundtracks for the Blind' is released for the first time on vinyl, consisting of four LPs in jackets enclosed in a box with a poster. The cd version is in original digipak from and features a bonus disc of the contemporaneous “Die Tür Ist Zu” EP***

Soundtracks For The Blind (2018 REISSUE)


  1. Red Velvet Corridor
  2. I Was A Prisoner In Your Skull
  3. Helpless Child
  4. Live Through Me
  5. Yum-Yab Killers
  6. The Beautiful Days
  7. Volcano
  8. Mellothumb
  9. All Lined UpSurrogate 2
  10. How They Suffer
  11. Animus
  12. Red Velvet Wound
  13. The Sound
  14. Her Mouth Is Filled With Honey
  15. Blood Section
  16. Hypogirl
  17. Minus Something
  18. Empathy
  19. I Love You This Much
  20. YRP
  21. Fan's Lament
  22. Secret Friends
  23. The Final Sacrifice
  24. YRP 2
  25. Surrogate Drone
  26. Ligeti's Breath / Hilflos Kind (CD ONLY)
  27. Ich Sehe Die Alle In Einer Reihe (CD ONLY)
  28. Surrogate Drones (CD ONLY)
  29. YRP (CD ONLY)
  30. You Know Everything (Reprise 1991) (CD ONLY)
  31. M/F (CD ONLY)
  32. Soundsection (CD ONLY)