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The Charlatans

Different Days: special edition / Totally Eclipsing



Released: 8th Jun 2018


this double cd bundles together the Cheshire legends’ 2017 album with 2018’s pleasing extended-player, “totally eclipsing”.

the ep is a real treat from these national treasures, these hazy, summery tunes making for a perfect jangle-pop short-player. totally at ease with their style, burgess gives us more brilliant zombies/byrdsian songs with a british indie spin. “different days” is, of course, a record full of life, brio and verve – peppered with catchy hooks, beck-ian vocals and warm summery vibrations. now’s the time to get it if you passed on it last year!

Different Days: special edition / Totally Eclipsing


  1. Hey Sunrise
  2. Solutions
  3. Different Days
  4. Future Tense
  5. Plastic Machinery
  6. The Forgotten One
  7. Not Forgotten
  8. There Will Be Chances
  9. Over Again
  10. The Same House
  11. Let's Go Together
  12. The Setting Sun
  13. Spinning Out
  14. Totally Eclipsing
  15. Standing Alone
  16. Indefinitely in Your Debt
  17. Hopelessly Hoping