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Ben Chatwin

the hum

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Drones meet strings and samples for what is perhaps chatwin’s best work yet (and we don’t say that lightly) – this is the perfect encapsulatio...

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Staccato Signals
  1. Divers In The Water
  2. Silver Pit
  3. Helix
  4. Fossils
  5. Knots
  6. Substrates
  7. Claws
  8. Hound Point
  9. Bow Shock
  10. Black Castle

Ben Chatwin

Staccato Signals

village green
  • lp

    Released: 6th Jul 2018

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With the smouldering aggression of Ben Frost or The Haxan Cloak & dark menace of Max Richter's cinemascapes but laced with melodic glimmers of light, this is a record that truly speaks our language.

The 3rd album from Chatwin under his own name (he previously recorded as Talvihorros) is daring, vivid & emotionally-charged, unshackled from a traditional sense of structure & genre. Straddling the electronic & acoustic worlds, what emerges is more than just a meeting of the two. Originally conceived as a purely electronic record using primarily analogue & modular synthesisers, the introduction of a string quartet allows Chatwin to explore innovative ways to fold, bury & combine both strings & brass into his industrial, noisy & chaotic electronic template. Harsh, all-encompassing, disorienting, jagged, textured genius.