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lonnie holley




Released: 21st Sep 2018


limited 'smoke' 2lp + gatefold 'tip-on' jacket + booklet + download

Released: 21st Sep 2018


devotional, experimental, mystical, and trance-like, this is a welcome reintroduction to one of america’s most singular and important voices.

Holley’s self-taught piano improvisations and stream-of-consciousness lyrical approach have gained purpose and power since he introduced the musical side of his art in 2012 with the wondrous ‘Just Before Music’. Whilst that album dwelled in fevered dreams, ‘mith’ takes up with a present world of concrete and tears, dirt and blood, injustice and hope. In the process he emerges from the ether and establishes himself as a contemporary storyteller of the highest portent, a man born in the 50’s and his African-american experience writ large over this unique music. investigate if you enjoy the likes of alice coltrane, arthur russell, laraaji, and sun city girls. mesmerizing! “Extraordinary”  9/10 – loud and quiet



  1. I’m a Suspect
  2. Back for Me
  3. How Far Is Spaced-Out?
  4. I Snuck Off the Slave Ship
  5. I Woke Up in a Fucked-Up America
  6. Copying the Rock
  7. Coming Back (From the Distance
  8. There Was Always Water
  9. Down in the Ghostness of Darkness
  10. Sometimes I Wanna Dance