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tim hecker




Released: 28th Sep 2018



Released: 28th Sep 2018


This generation’s foremost conjurer of unimaginable soundworlds adds the mystical textures of a Japanese gagaku ensemble to his palette, and finds new organic realms with the power to utterly mesmerize.

‘Konoyo’ engenders a somber, ceremonial mood, suffused with ritual and regret, but with peaks of ecstatic noise that we swear can inspire levitation. But on the whole Hecker finds himself drawn restraint and elegance, here, waxing a waning between collaborative maximalism and intimate reflection. Hecker has summoned another incredible dream for you to get lost in, with the power to both move and excite with its stark originality. “it feels less like Hecker is a composer of music and more like he’s an engineer of fluid dynamics, setting up pressure systems and stepping back as things flow” - pitchfork



  1. This life
  2. In Death Valley
  3. Is a rose petal of the dying crimson light
  4. Keyed out
  5. In mother earth phase
  6. A sodium codec haze
  7. Across to Anoyo