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hollow hand

star chamber

talkshow records

signed cd

Released: 19th Oct 2018



Released: 19th Oct 2018


An unforgettable debut of 70’s indebted sound from the Brighton band, with cues taken from van morrison, big star and midlake to make an album of pastoral beauty.

Recorded at home, it’s an album that wilfully creates it’s own world that feels untouched by the outside world for 40 years. After a string of fantastic singles that we here at Resident have loved, it’s great to hear the album come to fruition just as strong as we hoped, and we think any fan of the byrds or the kinks will relish. “‘Star Chamber’ is in many ways a perfect antidote to the world in these difficult times, a warm, witty and very human record.” – god is in the tv magazine

star chamber


  1. Ancestral Lands
  2. One Good Turn
  3. Blackberry Wine
  4. A World Outside
  5. Milestone
  6. It's You
  7. Two Of Us
  8. End Of Everything
  9. Made Up My Mind
  10. Avalon
  11. Land Of The Free