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Ian William Craig


130701 (FatCat Records)


Released: 2nd Nov 2018


centred on electronically processed stems of his own ethereal voice, this is a quietly intense album that swells with a simple majesty. the record sees Craig return towards the smudged and scoured beauty of his 2016 opus, 'Centres'. Besides as the often-quoted William Basinski reference point, the music here recalls the visceral media-decay of early ‘00s operators like Fennesz or Belong. The ending of ‘And Therefore the Moonlight’ - is reminiscent of Sigur Rós; whilst ‘Sfumato’ exists in the same dimension as The Caretaker's haunted ballroom with its reverb-drenched and occluded distant vocal. “a triumph of meticulously detailed composition and, at the same time, a masterpiece that seems to evolve, albeit in an unnaturally sepulchral soundworld of fragmentation, from the simplest of sources into a life-affirming wholeness” 8.5 – line of best fit.



  1. Elided
  2. Some Absolute Means
  3. TC-377 Poem
  4. Mass Noun
  5. Idea for Contradiction 1
  6. And Therefore the Moonlight
  7. The Last Wesbrook Lament
  8. Discovered in Flat
  9. Sfumato
  10. Idea for Contradiction 2
  11. More Words for Mistake