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Daniel Johnston

Hi How Are You - Yip/Jump Music (2018 REISSUE)



Released: 23rd Nov 2018


A near-mythical recording capturing madness and joy in its rawest form, here’s a timely reissue for what is perhaps the ultimate bedroom pop album.

Its 35 years since Daniel Johnston’s cassette recording slithered into existence, about 25 since kurt cobain wore the t-shirt, and nearly 15 since he was chronicled in the remarkable Jeff Feuerzeig documentary. This is an excellent reissue, featuring the equally great but not fetishized by a t-shirt ‘yip/jump music’, and spread across 3 slabs of wax. It’s a charming, ramshackle celebration of the man’s inimitable mind - a must for fans of the early days of the likes of yo la tengo and pavement, as well as jeffrey lewis, moldy peaches, beat happening, elvis depressedly etc. an essential chronicle of a true outsider artist.

Hi How Are You - Yip/Jump Music (2018 REISSUE)


  1. Poor You
  2. Big Monkey Business
  3. Walking the Cow
  4. I Picture Myself with A Guitar
  5. Despair Came Knocking
  6. I am A Baby (In My Universe)
  7. Nervous Love
  8. I’ll never Marry
  9. Get yourself Together
  10. Running Water
  11. Desperate Man Blues
  12. Hey Joe
  13. She called Pest control
  14. Keep Punching Joe
  15. No More Pushing Joe Around
  16. Chord Organ Blues
  17. Beatles
  18. Sorry Entertainer
  19. Speeding Motorcycle
  20. Casper the friendly Ghost
  21. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances
  22. Danny Don't Rapp
  23. Sweetheart
  24. King Kong
  25. Creasture-3rd Chair
  26. I Live for Love
  27. Almost Got Hit by a Truck
  28. Worried Shoes
  29. Dead Lover’s Twisted heart
  30. Rocket Ship
  31. God
  32. Love Defined
  33. Museum of love
  34. Rarely
  35. I Remember Painfully