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Memphis Industries


Released: 15th Feb 2019


limited indies-only 180g neon pink lp + download

Released: 15th Feb 2019


The debut record from London’s Stats is a journey through the world of 70’s art rock, 80’s synth grooves and some cosmic disco-pop – creating a fine selection of funky electropop that is timeless yet, at the same time, thoroughly modern.

Recorded at London’s prestigious RAK Studios, band founder and front man Ed Seed, and his full live band spent time tracking the live jams that would form the bones of ‘Other People’s Lives’, ditching traditional structure in order to embrace spontaneous moments and inspirations. Seed’s compelling storytelling of humanity, domesticity, routine, love, loss and new fatherhood, it investigates the gaps in the stories we tell about our lives. Seed explains: “This album is about recognising that my life story is full of holes. The world encourages me to experience my life as a narrative, while other people’s lives are presented to me as coherent, relatable stories, full of passion and travel and wonder.”


  1. I Am An Animal
  2. There Is A Story I Tell About My Life
  3. Rhythm Of The Heart
  4. Lose It
  5. A Change Of Scenery
  6. Other People's Lives
  7. Raft
  8. From A High Sky
  9. The Family Business
  10. A Man Who Makes The Weather
  11. Never Loved Anyone