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Released: 15th Feb 2019


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Released: 15th Feb 2019


Leaving some of his more experimental natures behind, the third album from Methyl Ethel sees Jake Webb moving deeper into his textured, shimmering dream pop – this is a record that enjoys a more reflective viewpoint than on his two previous releases, one that basks in a silky and glossy land of tight hooks and joyous melodies that fans of Empire Of The Sun will particularly recognise.

The musical project of Jake Webb, Methyl Ethel, has always been a surrealist outfit – one that explores a dark and obscured expression of life. Exploring the notion of coming of age, referencing it for the snapshots and passing memories that it has become (he describes it as “cold logic for warm bodies”, ‘Triage’ is by far Webb’s most cohesive yet in his Methyl Ethel guise.



  1. Ruiner
  2. Scream Whole
  3. All The Elements
  4. Trip The Mains
  5. Post-Blue
  6. Real Tight
  7. Hip Horror
  8. What About The 37º?
  9. No Fighting