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party clowns

tiger bay

180G LP

Released: 7th Dec 2018


On July 20th 1991, the BBC made a bold and forward-looking decision to broadcast the concert captured on this Party Clowns release just as Pulp were about to explode onto the mainstream music scene and become the band that we all know today.

‘Legendary Girlfriend’, ‘Countdown’, ‘Space’ and ‘Separation’ are only a few of the songs presented during the gig recorded at London’s Town & Country Club. Engagingly orchestrated by the charming voice of Jarvis Cocker, Party Clowns is a powerful blend of rock and pop music seasoned with disco elements.

party clowns


  1. Space
  2. Death II
  3. live On
  4. Love Is Blind
  5. Separations
  6. Babies
  7. Legendary Girlfriend
  8. Countdown