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mom & pop


Released: 25th Jan 2019


limited indies only colour lp + download

Released: 25th Jan 2019


A riot of hip hop beats, garage rock riffs and a determination to keep pushing into new sounds, ‘Almost Three’ sees the L.A. band untethered by any traditional rock sounds on a record of a thousand ideas pulled together in an infectious style by super-producer Ricky Reed – from the first huge beats of the Beastie Boys homage that is the opener ‘Get Off My Rock’, to the pure pop of their collaboration with K Flay on ‘Called You Twice’.

Exiting a long period of sobriety after the end of a relationship, frontman Zac Carper used the period of turmoil to touch on many of the tragedies and irritations of modern life – gentrification, the super-rich, the loneliness of being sober and hitting rock bottom. Somehow FIDLAR turn that into something glorious and essential, celebrating any damage as a lucky symptom of just being alive. "It’s a trip to listen to, and an instant modern classic" KKKKK - kerrang



  1. Get Off My Rock
  2. Can’t You See
  3. By Myself
  4. Flake
  5. Alcohol
  6. Almost Free
  7. Scam Likely
  8. Called You Twice (feat. K. Flay)
  9. Nuke
  10. Too Real
  11. Kick
  12. Thought. Mouth.
  13. Good Times Are Over