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Ex:Re (elena tonra from daughter)



cd + bonus CD : live at hoxton hall 28/11/18

Released: 1st Feb 2019


lp + download + bonus CD : live at hoxton hall 28/11/18

Released: 1st Feb 2019


For her debut solo record, Elena Tonra (Daughter) takes on the pseudonym Ex:Re as she explores the aftermath after the end of a relationship, and carries with it a candid and cathartic quality that is immediate and striking. Raw, painful, honest, there is an unmissable urgency here.

Ex:Re (pronounced X-Ray) was designed as a way to look inside Tonra’s mind and describe what is really there. The writing took a year, but the recording lasted mere months, as she turned to Fabian Prynn and composer Josephine Stephenson on cello to help bring Ex:Re to life. Elena said of the album, “If I hadn’t made this record, I think I would still have a lot of false hope. You can’t set a date for when you're going to be over something. But this was my way of processing a terrifying idea, the one I didn’t want to address, saying that this actually is the end.” "this is a beautifully understated mood piece and Tonra’s finest work to date, with or without the band." 8/10 - loud and quiet