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Orville Peck



limited neon orange lp

Released: 10th Apr 2020


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Released: 22nd Mar 2019


lp + download

Released: 22nd Mar 2019


Fringed benefits – the bemasked Canadian singer’s debut treads a line between Steve Earle, David Lynch and The The.

Peck starts at outlaw country, then proceeds to twist through 90’s rock, Roy Orbison and the sinister edge of The The’s best moments. He emerges with something altogether new and instantly attention-grabbing. Combine this with lyrics that seamlessly skip between the classic country staples of love (men he’s fallen for or who have fallen for him), heartbreak and redemption, to drug abuse, violence and murder and we find ourselves with a distinctive and talented new artist that we’ve become a little obsessed with.

If you’ve any notions of him being a bit style over substance, then let us assure you that Peck’s storytelling is solid – from the ode to faded glory in ‘Queen Of The Rodeo’, to an unsettling take on doo wop on ‘Kansas’ to a warped, through the looking glass take on a love song on ‘Roses Are Falling’. Frost & Lynch should turn to ‘Pony’ and soundtrack any future Twin Peaks.

"Populated with vivid images of desert highways, worn out gamblers and hustlers that have escaped from the pages of Denis Johnson or JT LeRoy" - Loud & Quiet



  1. Dead of Night
  2. Winds of Change
  3. Turn to Hate
  4. Buffalo Run
  5. Queen of the Rodeo
  6. Kansas (Remembers Me Now)
  7. Old River
  8. Big Sky
  9. Roses Are Falling
  10. Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call)
  11. Hope to Die
  12. Nothing Fades Like the Light