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silver tongues

Balley Records


Released: 5th Apr 2019


London's cacophonic Crows join the stable of idles frontman joe talbot’s balley records for their full-length debut: an lp that fills the room with throbbing waves of post-punk and charismatic vocal drawls.

Recorded in near total darkness to build a sense of atmosphere, the album fulfils both their early potential and confidently showcases a band comfortable across a variety of sonic avenues. From the monolithic noise-rock of the title track and opener, to the sky-scraping "Demeanour" and "Wednesday's Child", to the blissed-out closer "Dysphoria", each listen reveals new layers, fresh ideas. "Silver Tongues" is a huge step forward for the band, not only musically, but emotionally. Nothing’s too orangey for these crows! This is essential for fans of idles, young widows, and daughters.

silver tongues


  1. Silver Tongues
  2. Demeanour
  3. Empyrean
  4. Wednesday's Child
  5. Hang Me High
  6. Crawling
  7. Chain Of Being
  8. Tired And Failed
  9. First Light / False Face
  10. Dysphoria