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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Fishing For Fishies

Flightless Records


Released: 26th Apr 2019


limited "swamp green" lp

Released: 26th Apr 2019


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the prolific fuzzheads return with a typically unpredictable series of free form boogies that delve into stompy blues shenanigans.

From the soft shuffle Outback country of the opening title track through the sunny easy listening of ‘The Bird Song’ (think the lysergically-soaked Laurel Canyon circa 1973) and on through the party funk of ‘Plastic Boogie’ (which somehow summons the spirit of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Innervisions’) the road-trucking, Doors-like highway rock of ‘The Cruel Millennial’ and ‘Real’s Not Real’, it’s a dizzying, dazzling display which addresses a number of pertinent environmental issues along the way. “We tried to make a blues record,” says frontman Stu Mackenzie. “A blues-boogie-shuffle-kinda-thing, but the songs kept fighting it - or maybe it was us fighting them. Ultimately though we let the songs guide us this time; we let them have their own personalities and forge their own path.”

Fishing For Fishies


  1. Fishing For Fishies
  2. Boogieman Sam
  3. The Bird Song
  4. Plastic Boogie
  5. the cruel millenial
  6. Real’s Not real
  7. This Thing
  8. Acarine
  9. Cyboogie