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Danni Nicholls

The Melted Morning



Released: 19th Apr 2019



Released: 19th Apr 2019


Closely personal yet widely relatable, the themes of this album span an array of life’s takeaways; from the pain and darkness of rejection, the fear of losing yourself and the power of human connection to offering up hope and new perspectives in the face of adversities.

Love and guts, moxie and magic... that’s the stuff dreams are made of, and Danni Nicholls’ dreams are coming true.

The Melted Morning


  1. Wild as the Water
  2. Losing It
  3. Hear Your Voice
  4. Unwanted
  5. Wish I Were Alone
  6. Frozen
  7. Lemonade
  8. Power to Leave
  9. Texas
  10. Ancient Embers
  11. Hopeless Romantic