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Alex Cameron


castle face

LP + download

Released: 17th May 2019


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cameron’s synth-infused Americana balladry seriously pops on this irresistibly sophisticated live show in frisco, replete with screaming sax and alex’s trademark smooth baritone.

“[adam beris] asked if I had heard of this “Suicide meets sad Springsteen” act and showed me the mysterious Geocities-style website. I was immediately hooked on the skeletal throb, the stark portraits of hard luck losers, the ego-maniacal squares, and the swagger on this prosthetically wrinkled Australian song and dance man. There’s flower petals all over the mix here; Roy’s sax slinks sultrily, Al is in fine form, adding the occasional barb on the stem, sounding well oiled and comfortably bantering between tunes, and Justin Nijssen hangs back and window-dresses the whole thing with some well placed guitar and a few backups” – matt jones.



  1. Mongrel
  2. Happy Ending
  3. Real Bad Looking
  4. The Comeback
  5. She?s Mine
  6. The Internet
  7. Take Care Of Business
  8. Candy May