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Charlie Cunningham

Permanent Way



Released: 7th Jun 2019


limited exclusive white lp

Released: 7th Jun 2019


fans of ben howard need to well and truly prick up their ears for this honey-voiced purveyor of emotional indie folk.

On ‘Permanent Way’, Cunningham laughs in the face of ‘difficult second album’ syndrome and ‘acoustic-singer-songwriter’ imagery with boosted colours and dynamics, while retaining the essence of the man’s achingly personable appeal. In terms of production, it’s more of a team effort: Duncan Tootill returns to co-produce (while adding piano and synth) but the album was predominantly put together alongside producer/engineer Sam Scott (who also adds brass and keyboards and percussion). ‘Permanent Way’ documents life’s uncertainties: the need for intimacy and love, but also space and independence.

Permanent Way


  1. Permanent Way
  2. Don’t Go Far
  3. Sink In
  4. Headlights
  5. Different Spaces
  6. Monster
  7. Interlude (Tango)
  8. Bite
  9. Hundred Times
  10. Maybe We Won’t
  11. Force Of Habit
  12. Stuck