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Bill Callahan


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Bassy croons against mesmerising, minimalist acoustic backdrops – does anyone do it better?! Bill’s created a serene work of acid folk for us to mel...
Bill Callahan


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The artist formerly known as smog brings his baritone to the third man stage for a profound set of material old and new.
Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest
  1. Shepherd's Welcome
  2. Black Dog On The Beach
  3. Angela
  4. The Ballad Of The Hulk
  5. Writing
  6. Morning Is My Godmother
  7. 747
  8. Watch Me Get Married
  9. Young Icarus
  10. Released
  11. What Comes After Certainty
  12. Confederate Jasmine
  13. Call Me Anything
  14. Son Of The Sea
  15. Camels
  16. Circles
  17. When We Let Go
  18. Lonesome Valley
  19. Tugboats and Tumbleweeds
  20. The Beast

Bill Callahan

Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest

Drag City
  • LP

    Released: 18th Aug 2022


having achieved that elusive state of happiness, bill’s first album in six years is infused with a balm of well-being, heard in twinkling acoustic guitar strings and dulcet, self-assured vocals.

As you listen to the album, a feeling of totality, of completeness, steals over you. It’s a different kind of record. Bill’s now writing from somewhere beyond his ‘Eagle-Apocalypse-River’ headspace, and this is very much its own beast. Moving gradually from reflections upon the old days in “Ballad of The Hulk” and “Young Icarus” to the immediacy of the present moment in “Watching Me Get Married” and “Son of the Sea”, Bill traces the different life lines, casually unwinding knotty contradictions and ambiguities with an arresting stillness. “the music is looser and more enchanted, impressionistic acoustic flourishes where once there would have been linear dirges” 4/5 – mojo.