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Balance, Not Symmetry (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

wb records

140g 2lp

Released: 26th Jul 2019


easily their most ambitious release so far, this expansive soundtrack of original material runs from their famed arena-thrilling, anthemic fare, through to quieter introspections & instrumental soundscapes.

the album explodes into life with the title track, which tightly packages Biffy’s angular rhythms with the kind of sky-bound hook that they’ve established as a hallmark of their sound. While the collection often explores Biffy’s gift for arena-filling anthems, the album as a whole leans towards introspection & experimentation. The foreboding yet elegiac ‘Gates Of Heaven’ is quite unlike anything that the band have recorded before, ‘Colour Wheel’ switches to a more ethereal ambience & ‘Touch’ echoes the emotional power of previous Biffy classics such as ‘Many Of Horror’ & ‘Re-arrange’. The album also includes three mood-setting instrumentals (‘Pink’, ‘Navy Blue’ & ‘Yellow’) plus a studio recording of ‘Different Kind of Love’, which originally featured on their ‘MTV Unplugged’ album

Balance, Not Symmetry (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


  1. ‘Balance, Not Symmetry’
  2. ‘All Singing and All Dancing’
  3. ‘Different Kind of Love’
  4. ‘Sunrise’
  5. ‘Pink’
  6. ‘Colour Wheel’
  7. ‘Gates of Heaven’
  8. ‘Fever Dream’
  9. ‘Navy Blue’
  10. ‘Tunnels and Trees’
  11. ‘Plead’
  12. ‘The Naturals’
  13. ‘Yellow’
  14. ‘Touch’
  15. ‘Jasabiab’
  16. ‘Following Master’
  17. ‘Adored’