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dinosaur pile-up

Celebrity Mansions



Released: 7th Jun 2019


limited clear lp + download

Released: 7th Jun 2019


Ferocious, unrelenting pop punk that harks back to a simpler time of kerrang tv with alkaline trio, green day, sum 41 and blink 182.

Catchy hooks give way to sing along choruses and incendiary breakdowns – these guys capture the best of 90’s rock in a way that’s nostalgic yet new and fun. DPU have long been talked about as one of British music’s most consistently exciting outfits, with singer/guitarist Matt Bigland forging a reputation as one of rock music’s finest songwriters. So having spent the best part of a decade building a fiercely loyal fanbase, and a stellar live reputation, now’s the time to prove it.

Celebrity Mansions