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in my room


Released: 27th Sep 2019


limited black / white 2lp + download

Released: 4th Oct 2019


hard to spell but easy to listen to, trentemoller’s dreamily melodic industrial pop is in fine form on this series of engrossing sci-fi soundscapes, featuring some stellar collabs with female vocalists along the way.

the Danish multi-instrumentalist evokes severe landscapes and the stark contrasts of Scandinavian climate, where half the year the sun barely sets, and the other it barely tops the horizon. While a film noir element has existed in previous works, 'Obverse' is the first time each song has felt like a collection of pocket soundtracks. By fusing together a love of dream pop, dark synth-based music, film scores, and a deep connection with the stark Nordic panoramas, he’s created an inimitable language. half of the intricately realised compositions feature the likes of Lina Tullgren, Lisbet Fritze, and jennylee, of Warpaint - another band deeply influenced by dream pop.



  1. Cold Comfort
  2. Church Of Trees
  3. In The Garden
  4. Foggy Figures
  5. Blue September
  6. Trnt
  7. One Last Kiss To Remember
  8. Sleeper
  9. Try A Little
  10. Giants